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"Attention Renters:  Tell the Landlord to Shove It and Get Into Your Own Home FAST..!"

"Now You Too Can Own Your Own Home
Having To Go To Banks or Other Lenders
 And It's Quick and Easy..!"

     Dear "Would-Be-if-You-Could-Be" Homebuyer,

    Are you sick of paying Dead Rent Money to Landlords but the Banks and
    other Lenders won't give you a fair go?

                    Do one or more of these situations apply to YOU?


You're self-employed - got your own business, but haven't got 3 years tax returns to prove you're successful!

You haven't saved up enough deposit - they do want a lot of money after all!

You've got the odd Black Mark on your Credit Report-you forgot to pay a phone bill - and even after you've paid, the Mark still remains!

You're a discharged bankrupt and they won't give you a go for years!

Any of many other reasons that don’t allow the Banks and other Lenders to fill in all the tick boxes!

If one or more of these ticks apply to YOU we've got great news for you! 

 You can buy your own home quickly and easily without having to go to the bank!

"Yes - You Find It We Fund It..!"

      Here at Innovative Real Estate , we will vendor finance you into a house

which you can even go out and find yourself
on the Open Market!

No more putting up with only the few houses that are offered as rent to buy!

We will assess what you can comfortably afford and send you out house hunting!

"...a recent email received from two of our happy homebuyers...!"

Hi Tamar & Jack,

Now we are pretty well settled, we would like to take the time in Thanking you both for all you have done for us.We are so proud of the house and love it.

We would not hesitate in recommending your company to our friends and to anyone that may benefit from your help.

Happy New Year,
Michelle & Ian

...and another one...!

Dear Tamar and Jack,
Jill and I would like to say a very big thankyou,
 It's been 7 - 8 weeks and we are as happy as a pig in poop.
 It's been a big step and one that we will never regret.
I have already recommended you to a few people
Thanks Heaps,

Andrew and Jill

See what Marina, one of our buyers, had to say about our service in this video
 (Click on the photo below)

Happy HomeBuyer

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“The Advantages Of Buying This Way..!”

No Bank Loan required You don’t need to have bank loan approval as we provide the financing!
No Bank Loan required A much lower deposit is required to buy a house!
No Bank Loan required You can sell or refinance at any time during the term of the contract!
No Bank Loan required The purchase price won't change i.e. it's fixed even 5 years down the track!

In this
FREE Report you'll find :

        You'll find        The 3 questions you need to answer "yes" to qualify for our help 
        Find Out        The legal documentation involved.

        Find Out       Who we are and why you should believe us!

        Find Out        What other happy buyers have said

        Find Out         Exactly how it works

        Find Out        What you need to do to buy from us (there's no bank involved!)

        Yes         And much, much more.....!

       " What Are You Waiting For..? "

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